Lab Director

Sara Hodges

Sara is an associate professor at the University of Oregon. Sara studies how people construct judgments of their social world. She is interested in the “building blocks” that people use to form attitudes and make decisions about the people and things around them, and how this information is organized.



Current Graduate Students

Brian Clark

Brian is a fourth year doctoral student. Brian is currently studying hypocrisy, with a particular focus on morally-relevant issues therein, from two angles: 1) understanding how and why adhering to moral intuitions, personal beliefs, and expressed attitudes conflicts with self-interest and other moral intuitions (basically, what makes people hypocrites) and 2) understanding how and why people attribute hypocrisy as an explanation of others’ behavior (basically, what makes people call other people hypocrites).

Devin Howington

Devin is a third year doctoral student. Devin is interested in the processes involved in understanding others and the effects those processes have on interpersonal relations.



Colton Christian

Colton is a second year master’s student. For his master’s project, Colton is examining the relationship between ratings and reaction times for self, other, and comparative judgments. Other projects that Colton is working on include a study examining the relationship between emotion, cognitive load, and projection, as well as a study examining the effects of experience and expectation on empathic accuracy.


Hadley Morotti

Hadley is a first year master’s student.  Her research interests include how people understand and use health information to make decisions, as well as differences in how that information is applied to the self and to others.




PhD Alumni

Karyn Lewis

Kristi Kiel

Adam Kramer

Sean Laurent

Ezra Markowitz

Michael Myers


Masters Alumni

Anna Bell

Patty Bruininks

Tom Hollenstein

Nicole Lawless

John Myers

Ernest Park

Vivien Pong

Nate Scott

Charlotte Tate

Darya Veach


Honors Thesis Alumni

Renee Ahnert
Anna Bell
Barbara Cichosz
Sadie Concepcion
Cara Dick
Brooke Hallinan
Chris Hansen
Amy Hudkins
Linda Ivy
Andy Kohnen
Caleb Kowarsky
Irina Kuzmina
Bethany Lassetter
Blake Locher
Sara Loitz
Dan MacLellan
Molly Martini
Tim Matthews
Nicole McElhaney
Hadley Morotti
John Myers
Camilla Nermoen
Brian Ooi
Elise Peltier
Carissa Sharp
Si-hyun Shim
Alex Stanton
Kim Tucker
Chris Valentine
Kevin Wiles




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